Monday, June 4, 2007

Ode to Edo

From ages of stealth in culture and wealth
A land from of old filled with people so bold
Come see for BC, visit the city
Come show for Edo, sample our ema and ogbono

See the streets so broad and big even the Portuguese dem really dig
The British came and were wide eyed, so our treasures they plundered
Now we be in the area between and betwixt the Niger
Now we reawaken, now we become stronger

Great Edo we hail, your walls of sand and clay
Great Edo we say, wa domo nowaen
Our land an inheritance of legends born and lived
Great Ewuare, Akenzua, Erediauwa, Oba gha to okpere

Come see for Edo, na here dem pour the sand
Where Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth after the flood dem stand
The giants of the ancient days once trod this very soil
And the moat they stand today as evidence of their toil

A thousand years of mystery and another thousand years
A monument to victory as said in history
A fulfilling of prophecies amidst hypothesis
Now understand the soul and mind of a people good and kind

Great Edo calls one and all as we're of one accord
Before the men of babel released the spirits of discord
Osanobua the almighty looks down on one and all
And great Edo once again is standing straight and tall

Nigeria, all systems are go

Now that everything about the new political dispensation has settled down, with the various state executive inaugurations also replicated at the federal level and with the dissolution of the fifth house of assembly and the commencement of the majority freshmen and women in the legislative arm, there is an expectation of vibrancy in the manner of approach that the new administration of Shehu Umar Yar Adua is wont to take.

Exercising patience in the way he handles the assigning of responsibilities, he should ensure that he balances well the need for a kow towing to the systemic process of governance and a personal need for a fulfillment of those yearnings he holds close to his heart. The millions of Nigerians, not minding highfallutin talk by the political gladiators are united in the belief that this seemingly simple man can actually offer them a better deal than his immediate predecessor.

Having roots in an era of individuals where political ideology was a matter of principle, it would be interesting to see how he successfully wrests with the various pulls and pushes that emanates from the behemoth of a party on whose platform he has earned the mandate to lead one of the worlds most gifted and blessed nations of the earth.

This appelltion sadly has not been realised with almost fifty years as an independent nation state, encompassing the areas from the bight of Benin in the western coast of Africa to the very fringes of the great deserts to the north. This areas having being populated by various peoples and with varying cultures and beliefs over the centuries are now all lumped into fashioning out a collective destiny for their on nation.

Sadly, previous attempts at this venture has woefully failed due to a juxtaposition of the selfish interests of the political class influenced by both primitive capitalist accumulation tendencies and sinister motives to whipping up ethnic sentiments to gain ascendency. The nation survived a failed seccession and the notes of marginalisation are still being heard today, even from different unexpected quarters.

The man in charge now has a unique role thrust upon him. Much as most despise his predecessor, rational reasoning folk would agree that there were some needed changes that had to take place, and somehow or the other, some of these things would work. But the entire machinery of governance is a system, and should one part of the system fail, the efficiency of other parts is retarded. Yar Adua must as a matter of priority address head on issues of relevance to the majority of Nigerians who want to know why after all the encomiums being poured on the last administration, they still feel as far away from all the promised goodies.

A totality of issues must be addressed totally, Nigeria as a system is capable of running efficiently with abundance of reserves of energy which can be channelled to other productive ventures. The mind is a wonderful tool, our president should use his mind. We need a leader and not a president. The followers will have a direction if there is the presence of a leader, a president can just give orders and we all know what has turned out of the road construction orders and power resuscitation orders of the previous administaration.

Nigeria is on the threshold of a long and pregnant historical voyage and you, sir, Mr. President are the chief navigator. All systems are go.