Saturday, May 9, 2009

A lamentation song

Hear oh my ear a great lamentation
the fall of a man equals a fallen nation
Hasten to make a great show of grief
for this night will belong to the thief

There is a gloom at dawn on the noon of man
let the wailing be heard over all creation
See he sought to create an imitation
now a perfect work has become imperfect

In all still subject to the earth
even as the watchman gives the warning call
Just as the expansive beyond begins to burn all
more like light from the searing sun

In the many things that will never be certain
in the midst of these tears and toil
A pall on the sight blurs a vision
but even man still has a mission

The blood the moon cried dried too soon
emptied into depths in the bowels of the earth
How the mighty belied reason
how the mighty proved no less a person

From far fathoms of the deep, seas of souls are seen
the time and tide become mild if we abide
These eyes see a bringing low of mountains
where the wilderness swallowed regurgitated fountains

To every time occurring there is an appointed time
so the lamentation holds us all attention
As the wild winds of the world blow strong
it is each one to their lamentation song

Dedicated to the victims of the recent Eki'edo fire disaster