Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New Edo

The future of the people should be as bright as the smile from an infant child, as an air of realization has dawned on all. A people so great as told by history, a people diligent, assiduous and hardworking. Achievers and accomplishers, the span of a massing of egalitarian and structured living. From the captivating highlands of the north, the expansive vegetation of the central axis to the coast lands that boarder the south, all bonded by our common red earth.

This new dawn might not break into a full blaze in this generation, it might probably not be in our lifetime, but it is a common understanding that all today must put in all the efforts to ensure that the firmest of foundations are laid for a more fulfilled life for the younglings we see all around us. Our little sisters and brothers and our kids and their friends, those ones in the womb and those that would find their way there. The future calls all today, it is a call to justice, it is a call to a redefinition of the ideals that has kept all Edo as one for countless centuries, it is a call from the homeland that should hold us all attention.

Great Edo is being reborn, and the next century and beyond beckon on all Edo today, we met the land that was left for us, what are we going to leave for the next generation and subsequent generations of Edos.

As a child smiles in implicit confidence of her safety and wellbeing, the mass of Edo's must smile as the express people inspired leadership continue to affiliatae itself to the dream of the Edo citizen. We are all children of the land, and the tears the land cried must be dried up by the smile of her children.

Oba gha to kpere...


Thursday, March 20, 2008

A ruling for Edo people

The decision of the election tribunal in Edo state that gave a ruling to the effect that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the candidate of the Action Congress in the April 14 2007 Edo gubernatorial election, be returned as the elected governor elicited mixed feelings amongst many Edo people today.

There was spontaneous celebrations in different parts of the city and many such events in most other parts of the state as the judgment was greeted with relative goodwill. Previously, there was an apprehensive calm within the city center as most were wary of any untoward incident(s), however, the security was such that would instill reason to any trouble maker.

Elsewhere in the city, the majority of the populace expressed reservations about the ultimate outcome of a ruling that spanned hours, this was not surprising as many of the citizens were witnessing a live ruling for the first time. At least most got a tutelage on the runnings of the judiciary.

The long wait however turned out to be worthwhile as the chairman of the tribunal finally gave a definitive ruling, and in most parts of the city, the hurrays and backslapping's gave an insight as to how a people appreciated the freedom to exercise their choice.

This approach however might just turn out to be short lived, as it is expected of the incumbent governor, former senator and Professor Osariemen Osunbor to file an appeal, as his continued stay as the governor might be finally dependent on that final ruling. Coming amidst a spate of earlier tribunal rulings, the professor might not be too perturbed as he probably might have well known that the tables might turn to his disfavor. Riding on the crest ruling PDP machinery, he laid claim to an mandate which is presently being disputed by the opposition.

The professor however has quickly learned the art of statecraft and despite the many odds that may seem to assail him in his less than twelve months term in office, he has consistently weathered the storm and has in a sort of way warmed himself into the hearts of liberal citizens. A few projects that are observed as one goes around the city especially and in other parts of the state has somewhat won him some sympathy.

Now, Osunbor knows that his fate lies with the appeal he is expected to file, but will he file for appeal? Whether he does or not, any action taken should be seen to be working together towards the greater good of the Edo people, where party affiliations would be relegated to the background and athe yearnings and aspirations of the greater number of the populace would be seen to have been met.

An Edo that would take it's rightful place as the cultural nerve center of the world, an Edo that is not only infrastructurally developed, but technologically advanced and culturally alive so as to be positioned to fully challenge in a competitive world of the 21st century, brimming with limitless opportunities. That is the Edo of our dream and that is a challenge that Edo people would want her leaders to meet...