Friday, January 30, 2009

Edo Citizens

While walking along the Textile Mill Road area of Benin City, it was observed that men from the state ministrty of works were on ground laying asphalt on the portion between Chrismerry and the Iye Oba grounds. This is some welcome development as it encourages the citizenry to expect accelerated development and to feel the state in their lives. Similar works were reported in other parts of the state, and this coming just a few days after the official resumption of full executive responsibilities of the present administration. The previous administration had commenced the project sometime last year, but political uncertainties rather, prevented it from concluding the project. Concluding the project might take a while though, but watching the men in their duties today gave one a feeling that they knew what they were doing.

It is hoped that this fresh air would blow good for Edo people and that the expectations of good governance and official responsibility would be fulfilled and even exceeded by the performance of the present team. What becomes significant is that, the Edo people together brought this regime to be, and that all those in positions of the executive arm of the state should be accountable to the people that make up this ancient society.

As we hopefully march on into an uncertain 21st century, let us together firm our resolve to hold to those tenets of brotherliness, and love for mother and child. Let dealings not be about exclusion or marginalization, or capital accumulation, let it be about a resolve to imbue in the citizen, a yearning for a better life for self and for all. The developments of the past few months should make us begin to redefine our identity as similar to our citizenship, and as citizens protect the sovereignty of the sustaining order. Let us call to mind the commonality of our humanity with all the citizens in Nigeria to demand a better life for all. Things have to get better and the state has the werewithal to bring that about. To the State in Edo, we say courage...