Friday, May 25, 2007

Story story

A very very long time ago, a certain man and his family lived peacefully and were relatively happy and prosperous. His children were strong and hardworking and their products were renowned far and wide.

After some while, some strangers came to visit and were welcomed for they were interested in how to make existence more enjoyable. However, while these strangers were in the mans house, they saw the beauty of the products of his sons and their minds changed.

They gave a dog a bad name and then hung it. They accused him wrongly before the world and then sought to humiliate their hosts. Their accomplices pillaged the mans house and went away with things that were not theirs.

Thus the children of the man were disillusioned and lost, but they continued to survive and they continued to exist, over the years and over the generations.

As they traverse the world, they see the belongings of their fathers and their brothers, the long lost family treasures that they only knew existed in tales and legends and their joy knew no bounds for here at last were the legacy of which was stolen.

Please, I would like someone to end this story for me taking into consideration that the latter paragraph of the above story was playing itself out today...

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