Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The announcement

See am, na me! Ajadrage, I dey announce BC
No try am, for we dey on stage, now y'all listen

From days of yore, the minds dem dey firm
The hearts of men and the rest from a womans bosom

Announce yourself, I be Edo Nation!
Ajadrage na me, copy?

Na so we go dey do am, come see for BC
"From thenceforth the trumpets blare, beyond the plains and the mountain tops

From henceforth the hornets nets been stirred and the wind worries even in the air
Whenceforth the sea's tell stories only they know for they grow as peers with the earth"

You know am?
No try yourself, great Bini, oma easy

Great Edo Nation
This na still part of the the introduction


Refinedone said...

Edo nation I guess I am one (by marriage)

Edo nation is a great one yes! but are you going to keep on living on past glory?

Benin is one of the most well layed out towns i have a grid...very good, but when are the Benins going to demand more than they have at the moment...Every where in Nigeria is moving forward and developing... what happen to Great Edo nations capital? who is going to make it process now? and not living on past glory!

just asking...

ajadrage said...

Mmm, you cannot be more right that Edo is living on past glory. However, the average Edo born today wants something better for the city and the state. Gone are the days when selfish individuals would take the people for granted. Much as I would not want to be political, it all still boils down to the leaders.

Presently, there is an academician at the helm of affairs in the state and hopes are high that things would start working unlike what was experienced in the last dispensation, although this would be gradual. The last academician that ruled the state still has his legacy strewn all over.

We need leaders who will want to understand that the people do not demand for much, but only for that which is by right theirs, shelter, food, good roads, security. If these are provided, the average Edo man will do the rest as we are not known to be lazy. Also, the passing orientation of "na dem know" is gradually giving way to "na our own", so let's watch and see.

Anonymous said...

thank you everybody for the concern and interest that you have shown in the events that have been going on in the nation since the present administration came in. while on the federal level, there are still perhaps some that would want their interests to be paramount, it is high time that we are all being made aware that it is the interest of the majority that should be paramount and not a minority as exemplified by most of the leaders which we have had the misfortune of having. however, it is best for this process to occur under an atmosphere of peace, and a keener sense of understanding by our leaders.

Kudos to the governor of edo state, prof. osaremen osunbor, although it might be too early to laud one with plaudits, but he has approached the responsibility of governance gently and about nine months into his still uncertain four year tenure, most in the city see stuff being done. i implore you not to be distracted by the various tribunal judgements, power is transient and even if you are not there tomorrow, let your legacy be your vindication.

oba ghato kpere